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Level of explanation Interactive function Description
Arkansas Tech University department of nursing

Helping Hands 3 0 1 Topics are categorized into items including Clinical Services, Child Abuse, Emergency Food and Shelter Resources, Gangs/Violence, Older Adults, Schooling, Women and Children, and Resources, each accompanied by descriptions. Also is a list of institutions to consult.
California State University-Fullerton nursing department FOR KIDS ONLY 2 0 0 By accessing the website of the Department of Nursing from the For Kids Only page, users will find easy-to-understand explanation as to what nurses do, how to become a nurse, etc. The University's website provides extension courses for the public free of charge.
Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine Community Netwellness Ask an Expert 3 2 1 Online consulting service is available, with experts specialized in specific fields. Past questions and answers are also available for view as a sample.
Current Health News 2 2 1 Health-related news prepared by the institution for the public. Feedback as to whether a user finds the news useful is welcome.
Health Topics 2 2 1 General introduction to topics on illness and health, in conjunction with a separate encyclopedia site; users first browse this topic page, then move to the corresponding encyclopedia site. Questionnaire form is attached for feedback.
Health Encyclopedia 2 2 1 Glossary for illness- and health-related terms, with illustration for easier understanding.
African American Health 2 2 1 Results of epidemiologic studies on African Americans are available for the public.
Mini Med School 5 2 1 e-Medical school.
Duquesne University school of nursing centers
Nurse-Managed Wellness Centers 3 1 1 Services for the public including health consultation and checkups.
Eastern Virginia Medical School of the Medical College of Hampton Roads Patient Services Breast Cancer Awareness 2 2 0 Research results are available for the public, supplemented with tips for self-examination.
Diabetes 1 2 0 Transcripts of contents of radio programs on health topics are available on the web.
Prostate Problems 2 1 0 Archives of medical news published by the institution are available for browsing.
Reproductive Problems 2 2 1 Links to websites on reproductive health.
Sleep Disorders 2 2 0 Information on sleep disorders is available with descriptions.
Emory University School of Medicine

My Health Zone 2 1 0 Links to explanatory contents on four diseases: respiratory, women's, and cholesterol-related diseases and diabetes.
My Health Zone
Kids Health 1 2 0 General educational site on health for children, with detailed explanations on topics such as knowledge on anatomy and various illnesses, and lifestyles of people from the time they get up in the morning until going to bed at night. There are also games.

Teen Health 1 2 0 Health-related information site for teenagers, providing explanations on body piercing, tattoos, changes of puberty, and methods of contraception

For Parents 1 2 0 Health-related information site for adults, with extended information on knowledge on illness, methods of treatment, emergency responses, parenting, and ways to face their children.

Health Encyclopedia 2 2 0 Search site on medical and health-related terminology in alphabetical order.