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Level of explanation Interactive function Description
George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences GWU Hospital Women's Heart Program
Community Education 2 2 0 Website of the program for women's health by the Cardiovascular Center within the Hospital website. As a research project site, it provides information on risk factors and invites users for screening.
Georgia Southwestern State University school of nursing Services

Screening for Mental Health. Online Screening Program 4 2 0 Link to the website of mental health organizations, same as the one from University of Alaska website; schools seem to link their websites to this screening service on contract.
Harvard Medical School Consumer Info

Intelihealth 3 2 1
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center for patients
Patient Site 3 2 1 System to allow individual users to specify and consult with individual consulting service providers (medical professionals) online, for free?
Brigham and Women's Hospital

Health Information 2 2 0 Links to a vast number of original contents on a wide variety of health-related topics.
For Patients & Vistors
Visit Our Nursery 2 2 0 Database of photographs of newborns.

Patient SiteGateway 3 2 1 Online consulting system.
Children's Hospital Boston

Child Health A to Z 2 2 0 Large content on pediatric illness designed for the general public
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Friends Boutique
Frequently Asked Questions 2 2 1 Information website on cancer, containing various evidence on tumors by site, small quizzes, and information for patients and health care professionals.

Cancer Information 2 2 0
Harvard Pilgrim@Health Care Center Health & Wellness
Take A Quiz 1 2 1 Quizzes by health topic; some 10 fun and simple true-or-false questions on each disease for users to answer, which are then graded online.

Preventive Care Guidelines 2 2 1 Downloadable guidelines.

Assess My Health Risks 4 2 1

Disease and Condition Management 2 1 1 Original online programs on asthma, diabetes, ADHD, etc.

Health Education Classes 2 1 1

Healthy Pregnancy 4 1 1 Quizzes, A-to-Z list, and online delivery date calculation.

Health411 2 1 1 Newsletters for the youth.
Massachusetts General Hospital Health & Wellness Information Learn about Health Health Categories 2 1 0 Introduction to resources for patient education, with links to the Health Gate website created by a national hospital association.
Massachusetts Mental Health Center Clinical Services Information For Patients Chat 3 1 1 Chat room for information exchange among patients.
Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital Health Information
health information 2 1 0 A-to-Z information, medical news, detailed descriptions on various illnesses for patients, introduction to self-assessment tools, as well as links to Health Gate website and other contents.
Harverd School of Public Health

Your disease Risk 1 2 1 Well-developed website for the public, with online information and e-learning contents. Linked from several other college websites.