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Indiana University school of medicine Community Outreach

Mini Medical School 2 1 1 Mini Medical School offers off-line extension courses. Aims and implications of the school are clearly presented.

Sound Medicine talk radio 1 1 1 Contents of health quizzes aired in local FM radio programs.
Joan & Sanford I. Weill Medical College of Cornell University Patient Care

Health Information 2 2 0 Health-related information webpage designed for patients. Called eHealth A to Z,f the site contains a significant amount of information including explanations on various health-related topics.
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Health Information 2 0 0 Presented as a website on health-related information, this site is more of a collection of links to contents by individual departments within the university's website.
The Johns Hopkins Hospital and Health System

Books and Resources 2 0 0 Site containing tables of contents of books published by the university and links to corresponding pages.
Johns Hopkins University school of nursing

Nursing Magazine 2 2 0 News related to nursing is periodically published.
Loma Linda University School of Medicine Medical Center Patients & Visitors
Outreach 2 0 0 The outreach program seems to have international cooperation, regional public health, and other projects, although the site only provides contact information for the projects.
Louisiana State University School of Medicine in New Orleans Department & Center eye center Patient Infofrmation Patient Resources 2 0 0 As a resource for patients, the page has links; although small in size, it has a good collection of links to original contents within the school site.
Ernest N. Morial Asthma, Allergy, and Respiratory
Glossary 2 2 0 Glossary page for patients.
Stanley S. Scott Cancer Center
Community Outreach 2 0 0 Despite the title "Community Outreach,h contents of the site are limited to introductions of their (educational) activities.
Our Health Science Center

Patient Education Videos 1 0 0 Website of the university hospital with an excellent collection of videos for patient education available online for free.
Mayo Medical School

Patient Care 3 2 1 Site for "empowering people to manage their health"; full of contents such as newsletters, A-to-Z glossary, Q&A page, quizzes, etc. 2 2 1 A to Z
McMaster University School of Medicine Health Sciences Centre

Register now for McMaster's MiniMed School 1 1 1 Contents include handouts, evaluation sheets, etc.
Medcenter One College of Nursing health info

health news 2 2 0 Archives of news published by the Health Center

health library 2 2 0 Keywords for testing and drugs, accompanied by links to contents that explain these keywords.

health topics 2 2 0 Collection of descriptions by topic on illness.

healthy living 2 2 0 Descriptions by topic on lifestyle, exercise, diet, etc. designed for the public.
Medical College of Wisconsin

Health Link: Consumer information 2 2 0
Departments, Centers, Institutes and Administrative & Support Offices

Center for AIDS Intervention Research (CAIR) 2 1 0 Not known
Center for Science Education
K-9 Programs 5 1 1

9-12 Programs 5 1 1
Medical University of South Carolina College of Medicine patient care
ask MED-U-NURSE 3 2 1 Service for online consulting with nurses.
HealthAssessment Tools Health Assessment Tools 1 2 0 Quizzes, rather than pure assessment tools, for checking health-related knowledge. Contents include BMI calculation, but may overall be categorized as e-learning.
Health Information Online Health Library 2 2 0 A-to-Z glossary for terms relating to illness and health.

video library 1 2 0 Health-related programs for the public broadcasted by local TV stations are made viewable on the web.
Medical University of South Carolina college of nursing Office of Practice Community Partnerships College of Nursing Community Partnerships REACH 2010 1 2 1 Integrated project for the control of diabetes targeting ethnic minorities, for whom diabetic education classes are periodically offered, while materials and related texts are available on the web for free downloading. Project in conjunction with the CDC Reach 2010 project.
Mount Sinai School of Medicine of New York University

Diseases and Conditions 2 2 0 Links to original contents that provide explanations relating to various illnesses, including answers to questions commonly faced by patients, especially in relation to lifestyles. A search engine is available with a clickable image of person, whose body parts correspond to diseases specific to each respective site.B
Mount Sinai School of Medicine of New York University The Mout Sinai Hospital

Community Service 2 1 0 There appear to be events held for local residents, although clicking on any month resulted in the same message saying "no event."

Events/Classes/Groups 5 2 1 Introductions to health education classes for local residents.