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New York University School of Medicine Patient Care For Patients
Patient and Family Resource Center 2 2 0 Illness-related information for patients, with explanations on various diseases in question-and-answer form.
Academic Departments AIDS (Center for AIDS Research)
COMMUNITY RESOURCES 2 1 0 Well-built collection of categorized links for patients that include comments.

Aging and Dementia Research Center, Department of Psychiatry 2 1 0 aAging and the Brain, an illustrated, reader-friendly 19-page booklet is available for downloading.
Cancer Institute
for Patients 2 0 1 Explanations on various cancers for patients.
Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine Divisions Institutional Advancement
Public Relations 5 2 1 Although there is Mini Medical School for the community, students are required to actually attend the class and only a PDF application form is available online. Apparently this is one of many mini medical school initiatives.
Northwestern University Medical School

Web Resources 2 2 1 Page of web policies of the school's web team; it is favorable that such content is presented on the web.
Clinical Services

Health Information 2 2 0 Titled "Health Information," this actually is a link to a MedlinePlus page rather than the school's page with original content.
Ohio State University College of Medicine and Public Health Future Residents•Fellows OSU Medical Center
News@Release‚“ 2 1 0 Video news from the hospital that provides explanations on illness for patients; currently 5 programs appear to be available.
Oregon Health & Science University School of Medicine

Regional Outreach 3 2 1 An impressive website that brings together information on health care services in Oregon.
About OHSU

OHSU and Your County 2 1 0 Distribution of medical facilities in counties of the state is shown.
Health care services

Health Topics A - Z 2 1 0 A to Z

Other Health Resources 2 2 0 Links to health-related websites,
mainly federal government sites, with comments given for each link in a well-organized manner, which is equivalent to the link system for internal contents. Very well developed collection of links.
OHSU Health

Lectures and Events Video Library 1 2 0 Video streaming of lectures given at health education-related events is available on the web for free.
Pacific Lutheran University school of nursing

wellness center 3 2 1 The Wellness Center provides local residents with services including health consultation and checkups.
Pennsylvania State University coolege of medicine Medical Center

Health Info 2 1 1 A-to-Z list, illness information, and online enquiry form to Health Librarians are available.
visitor resources
classes & support groups 2 1 0 Introduction to various support groups (self-help groups) within the Center and guidelines for joining a group
community Info community library
Education & Support 2 2 0 As a local library, it is open to residents; health information page provides links to websites of the CDC and other institutions.
Pennsylvania State University school of nursing Outreach Community Outreach Programs
Nursing Camp 5 2 1 Sleepover event for children to learn about health and nursing.
Southern Illinois University School of Medicine Cancer Institute

Cancer Information 2 2 0 Links to a wide variety of websites on various cancers, complemented with in-depth comments.
The website of the Cancer Institute has another page entitled "community outreach,h but it was under construction at the time of this assessment.
Southern University and A&M College-Baton Rouge school of nursing

Nurse Managed Clinics 3 2 1 Introduction to activities at the nurse clinic run by the facility, in which they provide health consultation services in person for local residents.
Stanford University School of Medicine Patient Care

Cancer Information 2 2 0 In general, most websites of medical schools are categorized to three areas, or research, education, and clinical (for patients) in line with the roles of the schools; this school adds another element, or community, to make four roles in total. Overall, the primary focus seems to be on the field of research, and the pages on clinical for patients also function as an introduction to RCTs and other clinical studies.

Health Library 2 2 0 Health Info includes eBooks, online video files, and health information by sex and age group, while books published by the Stanford university press are also available for online purchase. With descriptions on various illnesses and links to the NIH and other external websites, this site has highly rich contents.
Community Service to the Community
Community Partnership Medical Scholars 2 1 0 SDespite its title "Service to the Community,h this website is actually an introduction to research study projects for local residents, although descriptions are fairly detailed and easier for local residents to understand.
State University of New York Downstate Medical Center e-Courses

2 1 0 Although not specifically designed for local residents, this site has free contents such as 3D images of MRI and online medical English spell- checking tools.
Stony Brook University Health Sciences Center School of Medicine Departments
Please Proceed to Our Home Page Patient@Care 4 2 1 Screenings on coronary artery diseases and explanations for patients are available.
COMMUNITY SERVICE 2 1 1 Announcements of lectures, free screenings and other events/services as part of health education/outreach programs.
Stony Brook University Health Sciences Center School of Medicine Stony Brook University
Community Service
Support Group 2 2 0 Introduction to various self-help groups and their contact information.
Temple University School of Medicine Temple University Health System Temple Universyty Hospital Health Care Information Patient Education Topics 4 2 1 University hospital website on information for patients, but there is only a link to the WebMD site below, which may give the impression of being too simplistic, even if WebMD itself is quite well-developed.
Web MD 3 2 2 General website on health information.
Tulane University School of Medicine Center & Programs Tulane Cancer Center
FREE screenings 4 2 1 A page for cancer screening on a website for patients.

Links 2 2 0 Collection of links to pages on cancer information