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Level of explanation Interactive function Description
University of Akron college of nursing

holistic nursing care 3 1 1 Introduction to mental health consultation activities and related contact information.
University of Alabama-Huntsville college of nursing  About Us 

Let's Pretend Hospital 2 1 0 Program designed to prepare people for when they have to be hospitalized or go to an emergency room, by helping minimize worries and fears they may have.

CHEERS 2 0 0 Introduction to services of visiting the elderly in the area for health education; with photographs.
University of Alaska-Anchorage college of nursing UAA student health center mental health service Screening Program 4 2 0 Website targeted at students, but very useful to the general public as well.
University of Arkansas College of Medicine

For the Public 5 2 1 Another gmini medical school.h

Outreach 2 1 1 Information on video programs and other health education, although many links were inaccessible.
University of Calgary Fuculty of nursing

Family Nursing Unit 3 1 1 Introduction to activities at the consultation program for families that face challenges in family nursing.
University of California, Davis, School of Medicine Health System For Health Consumer Health Information Medical Condition A to Z 2 2 0 Detailed explanations on illnesses.

UC Davis Medicine 2 2 0 Web news published by UC Davis.
University of California, Irvine, Health Sciences Patient & Vistors UCI Medical Center
Current Events 5 1 0 Education for the general public and patients provided at the Center, all seemingly free of charge.
News Releases
UCI's Mini-medical School Teaches Preventive Health 5 1 1 Mini medical school, seemingly providing courses several times a year.
University of California, San Diego, Health care Health Information

Be Well 1 2 0 Detailed information on specific illnesses can be found within this site, at Conditions In Depth, which are original contents organized by category and make a substantial amount of information.

Get Answer 2 2 0 Health information provided in the form of an A-Z list.

Take Control 4 2 0 Healthy Living Calculator, an interactive system is available./td>
University of California, San Francisco, Medical Center Health Library
Medical Test 2 0 0 A-to-Z descriptions on the details of laboratory testing.

Patient Education 2 0 0 Although entitled "Patient Education,h it is actually an A-to-Z list of topics on illness.
Women's Health Resource Center
Health Education 2 1 0 Introduction to educational programs on pregnancy and other issues.
University of California-Los Angeles school of nursing

Health Center at the Union Rescue Mission 3 2 1 The center, run by nurse practitioners, is committed to activities in downtown Los Angeles and inner cities, providing primary health care services to the extremely poor. Every year the service covers approximately 2,500 patients for a total of 8,000 visits.
University of Chicago Division of the Biological Sciences The Pritzker School of Medicine UCHospitals

Online Health Library 2 1 0 A-to-Z search glossary of medical and health-related terms.
University of Colorado Dean's Office Services Community Outreach
CU Mini Med School 5 2 2 A gmini medical school.h
University of Connecticut Health Center Community Programs Health Information 2 2 0 Link to the Medline Plus only.
Support Groups 2 2 0 A list of support groups to which medical service professionals of the Center are involved in.
Personal Stories 3 2 1 Form for users to write a letter to the medical professionals at the Center.
Celebrate Aging 5 2 1 Introductions to health classes for the elderly, yoga classes, or those on oral care, etc.
Celebrate Women 5 2 1 Introductions to health classes for women, with topics on breast cancer, mental health, etc.
Community Medicine Seminar Series 5 2 1 Introductions to health classes for local residents.
Diabetes Education 5 2 1 Introductions to classes for the management of diabetes.
Kidney Disease Education 5 2 1 Introductions to classes for the management of renal diseases.

Planning for Pregnancy Classes 5 2 1 Introductions to pregnancy classes.