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Level of explanation Interactive function Description
University of Florida College of Medicine

Patient Care 2 1 0 Amount of information included is minimal.
University of Florida college of nursing

Archer Family Health Care 3 1 1 Services for the public, including health consultation and checkups.
University of Iowa Roy J. and Lucille A. Carver College of Medicine Patient care University of Iowa Health Care
Health Report and news 2 1 0

TV Health Reports 2 1 0
University of Kansas School of Medicine Outreach Programs Mini Medical School

5 1 1
University of Kentucky College of Medicine For Patients Patients and families
Glossary 2 2 0

Health Assessment Tests and Quizze 4 2 0 Not original contents.
University of Manitoba outreach the Web center for Womens health outreach teen page 2 0 0 Explanations on safer sex, a rap song about pregnancy, etc.
New Mom/New Baby Programs 2 0 0

The Wisdom Tooth 1 1 0 Detailed explanations on dental health; categorized in e-Learning here, as this site could make a little textbook.
Family Strengths in Childhood Disability
Links and Resources 2 0 0
University of Maryland School of Medicine

mini medical school 5 2 1
University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey health care

health link 2 2 0 Links to original contents on health within the school's website.
University of Miami School of Medicine patients community
Tobacco Awareness Program for Community Youth 1 2 0 Educational materials and workbooks on activities against youth smoking and guidance for teachers available for downloading. Also features anti-smoking rap music.
University of Michigan Medical School UMHShome
Health topics A to Z 2 2 0

1 Question Quiz 1 0 0 A section of the website that presents quizzes, in which users answer questions that lead to websites providing detailed explanations on specific subject matter.
Info for patient, families & visitors
patient education

University of Minnesota Medical School - Twin Cities Resources & Outreach
Mini Medical School 5 2 0
Health Talk & You
Ask the Expert 3 2 1

Trendwatch 2 2 0 Recent developments in research are regularly published in the form of news to the public.
University of Mississippi School of Medicine

outreach 5 0 0
University of Nebraska College of Medicine community

Student Outreach Clinic 5 0 0 Free student-run health services for local residents; students actually set up a clinic where they provide health consulting, and introduction and descriptions are posted on the website.
University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey-New Jersey Medical School Community (Community Outreach) Healty NJ
Health & Wellness 2 2 0 Original contents that provide explanations for health-related topics and terminology, searchable with an A-to-Z list.
Desease & Condition 2 2 0 Explanations on illness-related terminology, in English and Spanish.
Just for Kids 1 2 1 Collection of links designed for young users. Contents are organized in two separate categories for "health" and gillness,h respectively, which seems to differentiate this site from other similar websites. There are links to multiple other websites including "homework center.h
Health in New Jersey 2 2 0 A thorough collection of links to health-related websites in the state of New Jersey.
University of Ottawa Ottawa Health Research Institute

Patient Decision Aids


Full of information resources including online contents supporting patient decision making.
University of Pennsylvania Health System HEALTH INFORMATION
encyclopedia 1 2 0 Original encyclopedia designed for the public, covering some 3,800 topics.T

the body guide 1 1 0 Clickable illustrated image of the human body; clicking on a part of the body gives pop-ups of detailed information on the respective site.

drag guide 2 2 0 Useful search and descriptions of medicines prescribed at hospitals.

Care Guides 1 2 0 General descriptions on diseases that indicate treatment and appropriate methods of care, with coverage of women's, chronic, and heart diseases and organ transplants.

CALCULATORS 4 1 0 Online system to calculate BMI adequate nutrition quantity and heart rate, etc., by entering age, height, and other required data.

PENN Vital Signs 1 2 0 Website for a TV health-themed informational program that gives a general overview of the program.
University of Pennsylvania school of nursing Clinical Practices Penn Nursing Consultation Service
Penn Nursing Consultation Service 3 2 1 There is an online consulting service, with an entry form available. Also an in-person consulting service, for which terms of use of service and facilities are presented online.
University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine UPMC Health A to Z
Diseases & Conditions 2 2 0 A-to-Z explanations on illnesses.

Health Tools 4 1 0 Online calculator of BMI, delivery date, etc.

Patient Education Materials 1 2 0 Patient education materials and other documents are available in PDF for free downloading.
University of Rochester school of nursing center for nursing entreprenurship

Corporate and Community wellness 3 2 1 Health consulting service for local residents.