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Level of explanation Interactive function Description
University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston Health care Health Information 
Ask Nurse Lucy 3 1 1 Online service offering counseling on various health problems and needs.

eMini Medical School 1 2 1 E-Learning version of mini medical school.
University of Texas Medical School at Houston community service School of Nursing Office
Health Promotion & Health Education

Health Information 2 1 0 Links to websites considered as useful resources for health issues.
Patient care health leader
Health Tool Kit 4 2 0 Health assessment tools are available for use to health check.
Archive 2 2 0 Searchable archive of health-related news.

Brain Games 1 1 0 Well-developed and fun-to-use e-Learning site in which the user can play five different games whose topics include brain and nerves, while obtaining new knowledge.
University of Texas Medical School at San Antonio regional academic health center news & media more news HSCNEWS Archive 2 2 0 Searchable archive of past news released by the Health Center.

Video Index 1 2 0 Records of past seminars held for the public, including one on bioterrorism, are available for free viewing.

Medical Virtual Tour 2 2 0 Video program introducing the public to the Center's activities; it gives the impression that the cost of production must have been significant.
University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas Southwestern Medical School patient care For patients and public Health News Tips News and Publications Archives 2 2 0 Archive of health and medical news published by the Center.

Video News Releases 1 2 0 Video releases on health care initiatives can be watched for free.

Health Watch 2 1 0 Glossary of health/medical terms and description, accompanied by information on the medical service provided at the Center and the results of their research.
University of Texas-Austin school of nursing community clinics Children's Wellness Center HEALTH TEACHING 4 2 0 Evaluation of nutrition and alcohol intake and related explanation for youth.
University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine educational programs

Mini Medical School 5 2 1 A gmini medical schoolh; there is only information about the school on the web, but it is highly informative.
University of Utah School of Medicine Health Sciences Center

Health Information 2 2 0 Health and medical terminologies and topics can be searched by disease, development phase, or keyword.

Health Information
How to Find Online Health Information 1 2 0 Guidelines for acquiring health information, designed for the public.
University of Vermont College of Medicine

Community Resources 2 1 0
University of Virginia School of Medicine News, Events & Publications

Patient & Consumer Events 5 2 1 Announcement of educational programs and events taking place at the center, for which application can be made on the web.
health system home

UVA health topics AtoZ 2 2 1 A-to-Z on health-related topics.
University of Washington School of Medicine Patient care
Medical Specialties 2 2 0 Introductions to clinical activities at the center and contact information.
Patient Classes & Support Groups
Classes at UW Medical Center 5 1 0 Introductions to health education at the center and activities of support groups, as well as their contact information.
University of Wisconsin Medical School Outreach Programs  
Wisconsinfs Interdisciplinary Project for Healthy Rural Seniors 6 0 0 Introductions to school-wide initiatives for public health.
Patient Care patient care
health information 2 0 0
health information Keep On Movin': Exercise After 50 2 1 0 Descriptions of the importance of exercise for those in their 50s and older, and guidelines for how to exercise.
Getting to the Heart of a Healthful Diet: Fruits and Vegetables 2 1 0
Seven sizzling ways to stop smoking 2 1 0
Pregnant? You can still travel 2 1 0
Pumpkin Recipes 2 1 0
In Her Own Words: Living With Chronic Migraines 2 1 0
University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire nursing departments

Nursing Center for Health 3 1 0 Introductions to a nurse-run clinic where health checkups and counseling are offered.
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee college of nursing practice and community engagement

Institute for Urban Health Partnerships/Community Nursing Centers 3 2 1 Introductions to a nurse-run clinic where health checkups and counseling are offered.