About This Site

@As universities and colleges are presently expected to act in liaison with the community (community outreach activities), the same is increasingly becoming required of health, medical, and nursing schools. The recently wide-spread use of the Internet, among others, has raised demands for such schools to provide health-related information to, and made exchanges with, the public on the web. In Japan, however, initiatives by colleges to do the same with the public on their websites have just begun, and systems and methods for such community collaboration have yet to be fully established.

@ This website provides a summary (in a form of web links) of information we have collected regarding what systems/methods are used for community outreach activities undertaken at colleges and related institutions (especially hospitals) in the United States and Canada, two major Internet-advanced countries, for the purpose of helping promote community outreach activities at colleges in Japan.

@ We intend to create a list of contents by Japanese colleges in the future. Any contribution of information about published content in this field will be greatly appreciated.