Description of Contents (in five categories)


Contents intended for the public where users can learn health-related information on the web

Multimedia Learning Materialsor Quizzes may have both of the functions; ex. e-Mini Medical School, Brain Game

Multimedia Learning Materials:
 Intended to establish good knowledge both visually and acoustically, with the use of computer graphics, movies, and sound clips;
 e.g.) encyclopedias, movie library, archives of radio programs, etc.
 Designed to encourage users to self-evaluate their knowledge while further establishing firmer knowledge in a form of quizzes;
 e.g.) nursing quiz, illness quiz, etc.

 Downloadable text-formatted materials:
 e.g.) text for youth on tobacco-awareness, transcript of a health broadcasting program, etc.

Health Information/Resources

Various health information

Collection of links categorized by a specific standard, with comments
The A to Z of illness, technical terms, etc.
Archives of news published for the public by institutions and schools

Decision-making Support

Websites designed to support decision making and problem solving by the public and patients

Interactive content on the web
Contact information only; actual activities intended to be made at establishment

Health/Risk Check

Websites where users can evaluate their condition of health and life style-related risks on their own

Health Education Programs

Patients/health learning class:
 e.g.) class on diabetes, anti-tobacco class for the youth, etc.

Mini medical school:
 e.g.) Mini medical school, Nursing camp, etc.