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Pages linked in this site are official websites of colleges below that publish health information for the public.
AACN(American Association of Colleges of Nursing)member schools 576 institutions
AUCC(Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada) member schools that are registered in the category of nursing science and have website available in English 20 institutions
AAMC(Association of American Medical Colleges)member schools 141 (125 American / 16 Canadian) institutions

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 This website constitutes a part of the Creation of Digital Contents of Health Resources and an e-Learning Program (project leader: Kazuhiro Nakayama) under the Nursing for People-Centered Initiatives in Health Care and Health Promotion, the 21st Century COE Program at St. Luke's College of Nursing.
 Kango-net: a virtual community website, is also part of the project, designed to be a connecting link between the public and nursing professionals. It was developed partly taking into consideration the present situation in North America.